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Recommended for

Those who want to work in web production

Perfect for those who want to make a serious career of web production as a side job or freelance!

  • Acquire practical skills in an average of 3 months

  • Production techniques that require no coding, even for beginners

  • Strong support until we teach you how to get the job done.

Freelance and side business

Those who want to create and operate their own websites efficiently

By creating and operating your own site with no code, you can increase internal efficiency and site activity.

  • Modify site design and content without the need to outsource

  • Streamlining operations with a variety of linked systems

  • Content can be managed by multiple people

In-house website operation


Video materials

Unlimited access to rich video materials that explain all steps of web production, from tool introduction and registration to delivery and publication of results.

  • More than 300 videos over 30 hours

  • Unlimited access to course videos divided by difficulty level and theme

  • Most videos are 5-15 minutes each, easy to watch.

Academy Screen

Chat Support

You can ask unlimited questions to the instructor at any time via Slack chat, which all members enter.

  • Ask questions and check responses at any time of the day.

  • You can ask an infinite number of questions.

  • Answers with easy-to-understand messages and videos

Chat Support

Individual video call consultation

This service allows you to solve your own questions and problems individually with the instructor while sharing the screen through real-time video call consultation.

  • Lots to discuss in 45 minutes of time.

  • You can make as many reservations as you like.

  • Individual consultation, so you can rest assured that it is private.

Academy Features

Practical Support

After learning, professional instructors will teach you everything related to web production practice, such as how to obtain projects, set unit prices, implementation consultation and operation methods.

  • I can take a job with peace of mind.

  • Individual client matters can be discussed

Where the Academy stands

Active community

The Academy is home to more than 200 people who practice no-code web development as side hustlers, freelancers, site managers, or production companies. We provide an environment where you can hear real stories and ask questions in a community setting.

  • Free access to other students

  • You can ask questions on everyone's channel.

  • You can socialize at events.


fully online

Learning and practical work is completed online. You can improve your skills anywhere, regardless of your location and time.

  • Unlimited online access to educational videos

  • Chat is available for questions at any time

remote work

Students' Voices


Before joining LikePayAcademy, I was only aware of webflow by name, but thanks to the video learning at the Academy, I was able to create a website on my first day at the Academy. I had some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, but the fact that I was able to create a website in one day with webflow was definitely due to the easy-to-understand videos. I am very glad that I enrolled in LikePayacademy to learn webflow.

Fujiwara Kosuke

webflow and make are now touchable thanks to the academy! I am not exaggerating, my life has changed and I am grateful.

Dashing Matsubara

With Igor's help for about a month and a half, I am now able to build not only front-end systems such as Webflow, Zapier, and Memberstack, but also back-end systems by myself. I am now able to build not only the front-end but also the back-end by myself, such as Webflow, Zapier, and Memberstack, with the help of Mr. Igor. Thank you so much!

Junna Koiso

To sum up, my development speed increased overwhelmingly in the first week or two after enrollment. I think it was largely due to the fact that I had originally mastered the basics to some extent on my own, but I was able to eliminate development bottlenecks and proceed with development rapidly because I could easily ask questions I didn't understand and receive prompt responses. The instructors were really helpful and friendly, offering advice on technology and operations.

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